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Bad Credit Car Loan

Just Deals LTD provides used car loans for those who have bad credit, bankruptcy, or no credit at all. We can help you buy a dependable used car, truck or mini-van, and arrange monthly car payments that make sense to you regardless of your bad credit. We believe car buying should be fun!

There are lenders that specialize in car loans for people with bad credit. These lenders have minimum requirements that borrowers must meet and Toronto Auto Group can help you find them.  At Just Deals LTD, we have helped thousands obtain a bad credit car loan.  We do this by evaluating your current situation and putting less emphasis on your credit score history. We will carefully match each person needing a bad credit car loan with an appropriate bank or lender.

You can expect that banks that specialize in bad credit loans will have minimal income requirements. Factors such as your total income, how secure your income is, how long you’ve been employed at your current job, and how long you’ve lived at your current address are very important. In general, if you have been employed for less than 14 months, you can expect that the bank or lender will want to see information regarding your previous employment as well as your previous home address.

Take 60 seconds to complete our secure credit application, your application will be treated with complete confidentiality.

Just Deals LTD is the place to turn for people with bad credit who want and need a car. You might think that it is not possible to buy a car if you have anything short of spotless credit, but this just isn’t the case.  Even people with bad credit are able to apply and get approved for a car loan.

The good news is that having bad credit doesn’t mean you have to forget about having a car, our company can make the process of finding the right car loan for you easy and secure.  Information is power, and having the right information can save you money when trying to apply for a bad credit car loan.   Check out our website, apply online by filling out a car loan application, and you will soon find yourself behind the wheel of a new car. Yes, it is that easy!